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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

bad mumma

the cobbler's children have no shoesSo the knitters kids have dollar store mittens. I suck. I have one yes one mitten done for my beloved (came out of MY body children) which by the way have the required 6 hands. One mitten. I finished 2 scarves for Dee Dee - and a hat while getting tattoed last friday so that doesn't count - like I could think with a needle being drilled into my FOOT - I love you John. So counting out rounds and such wasn't happening - a hat was about my limit. Okay so anyway - tell me exactly when I will finish my planned mittens with all of the other stuff swirling and actually bellowing for my attention. Things like a job (okay 3) and a home that DAMN it won't clean itself no matter how much I threaten - and a husband that I actually crave being with - I know - amazing things happen - call me and I'll explain in detail - So WHEN do mittens happen? I guess when I am emailing and posting to my blog mittens happen. Though making chocolate covered pretzels with the 4 year old supersedes. You can't eat mittens and the ones from the dollar store warm just fine thank you.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sexiest man huh?

Clooney? Okay - it's been established that my taste in what's sexy is weird or at least not the "norm" John Malkovich anyone? But Clooney - again? Yes he's sexy but THE sexy - um nope. Pick again. Even Brad - ho hum - come on - Orlando - yah I guess or Patrick McDreamy Dempsey - uh huh - but THE sexy that's so much bigger than Clooney - it's so subjective and really requires at least a dinner and some important conversation before you could decide for me who's the sexiest. If sexy to you is just looks - seriously - looks? well then - have fun with that. Men keep them far longer than women - but really seriously looks? Tell me something interesting and not in the hopes of getting me into bed - tell me something that changes my view of the world or maybe less earthshaking - what music matters to you and why - or something SOMETHING - but looks? I guess since he couldn't date all of us - why not Clooney - but I guess I have to interject - I've met better - sexier - smarter and I guess that makes me a lucky girl huh?

da fire hat

<cashmerinoOkay - I aspire not to be a snob - since in most areas of my life I have absolutely no reason to be and this is really no exception - except that once you've knit with good yarn it' sooooo hard to knit with crap. Anyway - I've been called "firefly" before so this is the firefly hat. An Irish Setter orange and red like my hair with a cable on the bottom - it's cute. Ignore the fact that I have on no makeup and damn I'm gittin old - oh well - it's character that matters anyway right ? - or so I've been told.

Cast on 10 st. with cashmerino on 11's (bamboo is good)
K2 p1 k4 p1 k2
K1 p1 k1 p4 k1 p1 k1 (basically knit the knit stitches and purl the purls except the edges - knit those)
every 5 rows on the right side work a cable 2 in front
work this until it reaches comfortably around your head not totally stretched. Join with a kitchener stitch or 3 needle b/o whatever floats your boat.
PU along whichever edge you like - if you saved one stich from the join - it would be that side and pu about 47 or 50 st.
knit in the round for about 6 inches - try on if you knit on a circular. about 20 rows. K2 tog all the way around, repeat - work 1 round k2 together around then cut yarn thread through the few live stitches and there you go. I am typing this with an aching foot (damn tattoos) and not nearly enough pinot noir to go around so forgive the errors or assumptions - email me with any ???'s I'd be happy to clarify. I used 1 full ball and about 3/4 of another ball of cashmerino but as always your milage may vary. God bless and stay warm. Katie

New Ink!

Grapes of Wrath!I love love love tattoos! And John at Gothic Body in Milwaukee ROCKS! My foot hurts like hell but I know that when all is said and done healing that is - it's gonna be beautiful... It's so pretty now and as soon as my ankle is not swollen like a pregnant woman it's going to be so striking! I am super happy with it. Okay enough gushing - love it! Here you go with the pictures as promised. Oh and I finished a cashmerino hat while sitting still for 3 hours - how cool is that?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The killers

Down shiftI have been accused lately of not being able to down shift. Not really sure what the heck that means but if it means I can't just sit and do nothing when the world is burning down or stuff needs to get done - no I guess I can't. But can I relax - yup can do. I got this yummy cashmerino hat going and while knitting is not relaxing to some - to me it's better than sitting in a smoky bar eating bad wings. And at the same time I can make some apple/pear sauce while also making the dessert for tomorrow (Thanksgiving). Okay so multitasking is my forte' - so sue me.

Music - I am loving "the killers" new cd - sam town. AND thy're tall. Most of the band members are 6'2" or over! Yeah tall guys!

Reading - And so to bed - Lucinda Guy (okay it's a knitting book)
for real reading the Reduced Shakespeare book - too funny!

Count down to tattoo day! T minus 2 yipee!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


new un'so for those interested folks - I'm getta a new tattoo on Friday at Gothic Body in Milwaukee. I am so excited. I haven't have had a new one in years. Should be cool - I'll show you when I get home 'kay? tee hee

White trash season's greetins

Help I'm eating Chocolate covered pretzels and I can't stop Okay - so I may not be the most traveled or well read chick on the planet but I know a thing or two about Shakespeare and I know the difference between a Merlot and a Pinot Noir - but come on I live in Elkhorn Wisconsin and my house is older than dirt and in fact very often piled high with said offal. And man when Thanksgiving and the holiday's approach the true Wisconsinite in me rises up and takes stage. I actually am looking forward to some white stuff (not much but a little) and the radio station the MIXX is playing christmas music and yes I am a'listenin. Now as I type this I am listening to radio IO ambient and Forest in all of his valiumed glory but inside I am longing for Berl Ives. My two personas are so diametrically opposed I feel like I am being torn in half! Well, anyway I guess the me that knows what I know is okay with being a little bit white trash - it keeps me honest - know'd I mean? nudge nudge wink wink know'd I mean?

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Is wot bwings uz togeva today. Okay, so this being married thing is too damn hard for me. I know you all are gasping in your girtles, but I am sorry it's too hard. I fold. I did not start this to end it like this but come on a girl can only be humbled so much. God keeps telling me to just humble myself but I mean 14 years is 14 years and Mother Teresa I ain't. I am just done. To be told "I thought you were the exception (to the fickle woman) but I guess I was wrong." Oh the comebacks that I could have thought of - just give me 3 hours or so - but the fact that he's right just adds lighter fuel to the fire within. Yes damn it - I am fickle. Hell yes. But have I always been fickle. Of course. I am a woman and believe it or not boob owners We ARE fickle. It's the nature of the beast. Does that make the jab hurt any less - no. And do I want to fight back? of course. Can I? No because I don't get to fight back .. I am what I am. I don't get that luxury. I take it and smile. Thank you sir - may I have another? And a smile too. Thank you for your support.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas and work

workin girlSo this working thing - I mean I've always worked but now I am doing the kid thing yup all three, working 3 jobs AND trying to rebuild a marriage. WHOOOO HOOO it's tiring. And then there's Christmas - like what 6 weeks away. OMG. Okay the knitter in me (who blew the knitting budget in one fell swoop on cashmerino I might add) is peeing in her pants. Hats and mittens and scarfs oh my! My kids need warmth and folks need presents and I am working my ass off. I am not really complaining because it's making the time fly and right now time is not on my side so some water under said marital bridge is a good thing - but come on I turn around and it's Friday! Whew! I have to say that I win the best present purchased by a spouse - I won't say what yet because someone may be snooping - but I win - yup! I win!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

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