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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

oh boy where to start . . . .

OMG - so it's been too long baby. Reading the "twilight" series that if I were in another state of mind I would love and crave. But life is too messy right now. So Cabernet and other things are more of a mind to soothe me today. but if you must know - I am home full time - sewing and doing some design work on purses that I hope will see the light of day. My son has yet to get a diagnosis but we are pushing in the NLD direction which up until a few weeks ago was just alphabet soup. Now it's what's wrong with Liam - maybe.

Ugh - in the words of my ex "why can't anything ever be simple?" He's such a genius - I hate him. And love him. It's just too hard to be with him. So there you have it - there you go. life. it's messy.