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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hair tales

Katie's BlogFound an old picture of the man and me before I cut my hair off. It's growing now again and thanks to the good folks at I may not get brain cancer due to the ppd in hair dye AND my hair is not like red colored straw. It shines and actually feels healthy. All this from a plant - who knew? I also have to send some kudos out to the long hair community (google it for the address) who are more ocd about their hair than I am (God Bless them) because if there's a conditioner/food/treatment or technique to do with your hair - they've done it, tried it or invented it. I must say though I draw the line at spending $250 for a brush. I don't care who's hide it came from - it may be awesome - but it's a brush. I may be wrong, since I've never used a proper boar bristle brush but it strikes me a bit the "coach purse syndrome." Though that may be worse. It's a purse dammit! It doesn't taste good, do your laundry or stand up and cheer for you - it's a freaken PURSE! It doesn't need to cost $500! Especially when my sister can go to NY and get a knock off for a few bucks :D But seriously, What is it saying about you if you can't be seen with a stylish purse that doesn't have someone's name on it? Ugh it all smacks too close to the izod polos of freshman year and I ain't going back to that one today. TTFN

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I've got an Ipod and I'm not afraid to use it!

Katie's Blog
Don't get me wrong I normally eschew all things technical - except of course this computer :D But when the man decided that his life would end if there was no mp3 player in his near future to block out the REALLY bad music at his gym - I played the "me too" card. Not really thinking this thing was all that but hey when in Elkhorn . . . OMG! I am totally addicted. And as with all good addictions I guess there have to be rules so that it does not completely take over your life. It's rude to ignore the children ask for the 75th time in 2 hours for juice/snacks/computer time EXCEPT when jumping rope - then I get to ignore the universe - right? It's not appropriate to listen in the car when there may be the possibility of an actual conversation with the man that may NOT get interrupted by someone under 8 - three times. I will add to the list when more strikes me.

As far as other addictions go - knitting is back in full swing since it's getting warm here in Wisconsin and I don't feel like ending my life with an icicle to the heart. One would indeed wonder why ANYBODY would want to live anywhere where the words "wind chill factor" really mean something - until about May and then some sort of denial sets in. Winter is like something terrible that happened to you as a child that you block out like some repressed memory. All you can see is flowers and the smell of lilacs is like a siren luring you to stay - with the promise of brats and bbq's and vast quantities of beer. And we believe this lie even though the truth is indeed out there and it needs shoveling!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Katie's Blog

Katie's Blog
Okay, it's been a ridiculously long time since I've been here. It's not because I don't love you - really it's me. Anywho - how's life? Mine's interesting to say the least and actually that is the least. Working on several knit patterns I am designing. I hope sometime to actually get published if any of them actually turn out. Knitty would definitely be my first choice since they totally rock. We'll see. I just finished reading "The Myth of You and Me" by Leah Stewart. If you ever had a good friend that you don't see anymore it's a book that will speak to you. Currently knitting a Glampyre sweater from KnitPicks shadow (x8 strands). I'll get some pix of it posted soon. Katie