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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The killers

Down shiftI have been accused lately of not being able to down shift. Not really sure what the heck that means but if it means I can't just sit and do nothing when the world is burning down or stuff needs to get done - no I guess I can't. But can I relax - yup can do. I got this yummy cashmerino hat going and while knitting is not relaxing to some - to me it's better than sitting in a smoky bar eating bad wings. And at the same time I can make some apple/pear sauce while also making the dessert for tomorrow (Thanksgiving). Okay so multitasking is my forte' - so sue me.

Music - I am loving "the killers" new cd - sam town. AND thy're tall. Most of the band members are 6'2" or over! Yeah tall guys!

Reading - And so to bed - Lucinda Guy (okay it's a knitting book)
for real reading the Reduced Shakespeare book - too funny!

Count down to tattoo day! T minus 2 yipee!


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