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Thursday, February 22, 2007

crafter's adhd

pretty pretty shiny shinyOkay so I clearly have issues - okay past THOOOOSE issues - but come on really. I seem to be sort of a grownup (though I just got CARDED - me carded!) but I can't just do ONE project at a time. I start with good intentions and then well - that's where it all goes south. I have started doing tubey and then one thing leads to another and it's a calorimetry and one twinkle toe and then I really need to do a rug for the dining room so off I search the internet for just the perfect free crafting idea with stuff I already have that will make my dining room look like "designers showcase!" Right - bitter and frustrated 3 hours later I have chased 6 rabbits cuz I saw a link for pretty beads and then well ugh. SO I am on a fast. A crafting fast. Okay a one project at a time fast. I forced myself to start and finish the calorimetry and I DID IT! oh yeah uh huh - shake your little tushie!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snake in the Garden

Or What I want to smell likeIf you haven't heard of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab - let me introduce you! They make smelly things that will captivate - intrigue - seduce and all around change how you will smell (or want to smell) forever. They walk on the "dia le los muertos" side of life so all things dark and spooky on their website - but let me tell you as the sweet innocent (right!) you won't go wrong - just pick something that appeals to you since you really can't smell it over the net - or can you? hmmm. I picked snake oil, eden, rapture, lilium inter spinas, embalming fluid, muse and they sent me follow me boy. Notice a trend (religious symbols and such) Of the seven samples only two don't knock me out and I just haven't worn them all day yet. They are pure scented oils that will stay with you all day - but the notes will change and evolve but unlike perfume they aren't overpowering and then nothing - they mellow throughout the day and well - enough gushing let's just say that though I was super impatient to get my samples (took over a month) it was worth every minute. 'kay