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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Is wot bwings uz togeva today. Okay, so this being married thing is too damn hard for me. I know you all are gasping in your girtles, but I am sorry it's too hard. I fold. I did not start this to end it like this but come on a girl can only be humbled so much. God keeps telling me to just humble myself but I mean 14 years is 14 years and Mother Teresa I ain't. I am just done. To be told "I thought you were the exception (to the fickle woman) but I guess I was wrong." Oh the comebacks that I could have thought of - just give me 3 hours or so - but the fact that he's right just adds lighter fuel to the fire within. Yes damn it - I am fickle. Hell yes. But have I always been fickle. Of course. I am a woman and believe it or not boob owners We ARE fickle. It's the nature of the beast. Does that make the jab hurt any less - no. And do I want to fight back? of course. Can I? No because I don't get to fight back .. I am what I am. I don't get that luxury. I take it and smile. Thank you sir - may I have another? And a smile too. Thank you for your support.


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