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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Less than 2 weeks and I'm 35

Okay let's set the record straight - I really don't care about age. It's really all relative to me. Some days (okay most) I feel 13 others 70 so turning 35 really is no biggie. I mean really - I do not intend to have more than the 3 kids I do have (under 6) so the "high risk pregnancy" thing is not an issue - but I guess I am waiting for the feeling that I am mature or some other bs like that. I go to the gyno tomorrow - that should be loads of fun. I like her - she delivered my 3rd child and did a bang up job. Although I could probably do it myself at this point. If anyone wants a surrogate - I'm your gal. I have the most awesome pregancy - deliver with no pain in under 2 hours and am back in my jeans in like a week. Hate me - sure go ahead - talk to me about other issues :D.