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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Don't hate me because I'm beautifulThere''s an Eastern saying that the uglier you get in your beauty treatments the more beautiful you'll become. OOOOOO nelly am I going to rock the block since there's henna mud running down the side of my neck and into my bra right now. I have on three hats in various colors and my forehead is orange - it don't get any better than this huh? But after all of the mud is rinsed off and my hair is shiny and sooo soo pretty then it will all be worth it. I love natural stuff that makes you pretty - it's almost like there was someone who knew this stuff when He created it all hmmmmm makes you wonder DON'T IT? Oh you unbelievers - if only you could meet the One who's met me - pretty cool!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Femme weekend

okay so my French sucksI know French like i know braille - bumps and dots j'teme whatever french people suck anyway. Okay so that may not be true but since I don't know anyone from France (except Julie Delpy who I really think I would love) I can make a sweeping judgement because I am Katie and I can! My man is gone with the little man up nort. Yes upnort - it's like a concept - upnort! you almost need to spit and scratch something when you say it. So the Girlies and I went to the dollar store and bought cheapo makeup and nail polish and had a makeover party. Tomorrow we are going to get bagels and starbucks (por moi) and Trinity has a birthday party to attend. Hopefully we can get some needed shopping tackeled killed and bagged since I really hate shopping in reality. I love the idea of shopping but the reality sucks usually. So as we clear the boy stink out of the house with all things girlie I bid you a fond fare well - sleep well and dream of large women!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Okay happy happy

it's 2007and what do I have to show for it? Okay so I don't actually expect some like great scale to fall and NOW it's a new year and all this is going to be different or what not - but hey it would be nice. I love the idea of tabula rosa - clean slate and all that - do over - fresh start. But it's really all crap isn't it? It's the same deal different year huh? when did I get so jaded? I really am not. I am really such a stinking optimist that I am genuinely surprised when things don't go good. Unlike the man who expects crap to fall from the sky at any moment I am shocked and floored when our garage gets robbed. "who would dare?" well honestly - pretty much everyone. BUT this year - pain ( the word from my birthday) asside - I choose to believe it's going to be a good year for me and mine. If you are mine - yeah for you and doom on you if you're not. (kidding - little ice age humor for you). Well, got some pictures to share and by the way - little interesting stuff from the cemetery romp - the pretty girl statue would not let me take her picture until the man paid her (put a quarter in her hand). Seriously, I tried to get a picture to take and it wouldn't until he was up there - weird huh? (or maybe just crappy camera)