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Saturday, November 25, 2006

da fire hat

<cashmerinoOkay - I aspire not to be a snob - since in most areas of my life I have absolutely no reason to be and this is really no exception - except that once you've knit with good yarn it' sooooo hard to knit with crap. Anyway - I've been called "firefly" before so this is the firefly hat. An Irish Setter orange and red like my hair with a cable on the bottom - it's cute. Ignore the fact that I have on no makeup and damn I'm gittin old - oh well - it's character that matters anyway right ? - or so I've been told.

Cast on 10 st. with cashmerino on 11's (bamboo is good)
K2 p1 k4 p1 k2
K1 p1 k1 p4 k1 p1 k1 (basically knit the knit stitches and purl the purls except the edges - knit those)
every 5 rows on the right side work a cable 2 in front
work this until it reaches comfortably around your head not totally stretched. Join with a kitchener stitch or 3 needle b/o whatever floats your boat.
PU along whichever edge you like - if you saved one stich from the join - it would be that side and pu about 47 or 50 st.
knit in the round for about 6 inches - try on if you knit on a circular. about 20 rows. K2 tog all the way around, repeat - work 1 round k2 together around then cut yarn thread through the few live stitches and there you go. I am typing this with an aching foot (damn tattoos) and not nearly enough pinot noir to go around so forgive the errors or assumptions - email me with any ???'s I'd be happy to clarify. I used 1 full ball and about 3/4 of another ball of cashmerino but as always your milage may vary. God bless and stay warm. Katie


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