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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

bad mumma

the cobbler's children have no shoesSo the knitters kids have dollar store mittens. I suck. I have one yes one mitten done for my beloved (came out of MY body children) which by the way have the required 6 hands. One mitten. I finished 2 scarves for Dee Dee - and a hat while getting tattoed last friday so that doesn't count - like I could think with a needle being drilled into my FOOT - I love you John. So counting out rounds and such wasn't happening - a hat was about my limit. Okay so anyway - tell me exactly when I will finish my planned mittens with all of the other stuff swirling and actually bellowing for my attention. Things like a job (okay 3) and a home that DAMN it won't clean itself no matter how much I threaten - and a husband that I actually crave being with - I know - amazing things happen - call me and I'll explain in detail - So WHEN do mittens happen? I guess when I am emailing and posting to my blog mittens happen. Though making chocolate covered pretzels with the 4 year old supersedes. You can't eat mittens and the ones from the dollar store warm just fine thank you.


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