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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


What I dislike in myself even more than my intense self-absorbtion is my seeming dissatisfaction with whatever it is I have the most of. If it's money - then I probably am working my butt off and what do I do with it? What is the most responsible use for it . . . . worry worry worry about doing the WRONG thing with it since I also know that famine quickly follows such feast. If it's time - then it's what is the most constructive use of it? Sewing, praying, working out, reading, blogging chatting, looking for programs for the kids during the summer - gardening . . . . . I don't seem to just be able to relax and just know it will all get done. Again I have been sucked into justifying my own existence through activity! Why can I not escape this very destructive of activities?


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