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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sexiest man huh?

Clooney? Okay - it's been established that my taste in what's sexy is weird or at least not the "norm" John Malkovich anyone? But Clooney - again? Yes he's sexy but THE sexy - um nope. Pick again. Even Brad - ho hum - come on - Orlando - yah I guess or Patrick McDreamy Dempsey - uh huh - but THE sexy that's so much bigger than Clooney - it's so subjective and really requires at least a dinner and some important conversation before you could decide for me who's the sexiest. If sexy to you is just looks - seriously - looks? well then - have fun with that. Men keep them far longer than women - but really seriously looks? Tell me something interesting and not in the hopes of getting me into bed - tell me something that changes my view of the world or maybe less earthshaking - what music matters to you and why - or something SOMETHING - but looks? I guess since he couldn't date all of us - why not Clooney - but I guess I have to interject - I've met better - sexier - smarter and I guess that makes me a lucky girl huh?


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