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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Christmas and work

workin girlSo this working thing - I mean I've always worked but now I am doing the kid thing yup all three, working 3 jobs AND trying to rebuild a marriage. WHOOOO HOOO it's tiring. And then there's Christmas - like what 6 weeks away. OMG. Okay the knitter in me (who blew the knitting budget in one fell swoop on cashmerino I might add) is peeing in her pants. Hats and mittens and scarfs oh my! My kids need warmth and folks need presents and I am working my ass off. I am not really complaining because it's making the time fly and right now time is not on my side so some water under said marital bridge is a good thing - but come on I turn around and it's Friday! Whew! I have to say that I win the best present purchased by a spouse - I won't say what yet because someone may be snooping - but I win - yup! I win!


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