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Friday, January 12, 2007

Femme weekend

okay so my French sucksI know French like i know braille - bumps and dots j'teme whatever french people suck anyway. Okay so that may not be true but since I don't know anyone from France (except Julie Delpy who I really think I would love) I can make a sweeping judgement because I am Katie and I can! My man is gone with the little man up nort. Yes upnort - it's like a concept - upnort! you almost need to spit and scratch something when you say it. So the Girlies and I went to the dollar store and bought cheapo makeup and nail polish and had a makeover party. Tomorrow we are going to get bagels and starbucks (por moi) and Trinity has a birthday party to attend. Hopefully we can get some needed shopping tackeled killed and bagged since I really hate shopping in reality. I love the idea of shopping but the reality sucks usually. So as we clear the boy stink out of the house with all things girlie I bid you a fond fare well - sleep well and dream of large women!


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