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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hair tales

Katie's BlogFound an old picture of the man and me before I cut my hair off. It's growing now again and thanks to the good folks at I may not get brain cancer due to the ppd in hair dye AND my hair is not like red colored straw. It shines and actually feels healthy. All this from a plant - who knew? I also have to send some kudos out to the long hair community (google it for the address) who are more ocd about their hair than I am (God Bless them) because if there's a conditioner/food/treatment or technique to do with your hair - they've done it, tried it or invented it. I must say though I draw the line at spending $250 for a brush. I don't care who's hide it came from - it may be awesome - but it's a brush. I may be wrong, since I've never used a proper boar bristle brush but it strikes me a bit the "coach purse syndrome." Though that may be worse. It's a purse dammit! It doesn't taste good, do your laundry or stand up and cheer for you - it's a freaken PURSE! It doesn't need to cost $500! Especially when my sister can go to NY and get a knock off for a few bucks :D But seriously, What is it saying about you if you can't be seen with a stylish purse that doesn't have someone's name on it? Ugh it all smacks too close to the izod polos of freshman year and I ain't going back to that one today. TTFN


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