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Thursday, February 22, 2007

crafter's adhd

pretty pretty shiny shinyOkay so I clearly have issues - okay past THOOOOSE issues - but come on really. I seem to be sort of a grownup (though I just got CARDED - me carded!) but I can't just do ONE project at a time. I start with good intentions and then well - that's where it all goes south. I have started doing tubey and then one thing leads to another and it's a calorimetry and one twinkle toe and then I really need to do a rug for the dining room so off I search the internet for just the perfect free crafting idea with stuff I already have that will make my dining room look like "designers showcase!" Right - bitter and frustrated 3 hours later I have chased 6 rabbits cuz I saw a link for pretty beads and then well ugh. SO I am on a fast. A crafting fast. Okay a one project at a time fast. I forced myself to start and finish the calorimetry and I DID IT! oh yeah uh huh - shake your little tushie!


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