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Monday, February 22, 2010

Pate for breakfast

To expound on the last post:
I am going to try to make those small shifts in life get to "that place" - to really "Live - Damn it - Live." As the mommy, I am the proverbial glue to those under my care. I know I will never be a slow moving methodical caregiver who selectively takes a ton of time to do every little thing, I just won't and it's SO unrealistic to think I will, but I am going to make the effort to do more - to not cut corners - to not just get by - bellies fed - rushing from one activity to the next in some ADHD version of a life.

I am having pate for breakfast. Pate I made from raw chicken livers I bought. It tastes really good. No one I love would touch it with a dead squirrel but to me it says "I took the time!" Granted it was just for me that I took said time - but I took the time nevertheless. I went to all that trouble. I want to start going to all that trouble a lot. Frankly that is all we have to share.

Chicken Liver Pate:
3 cloves of garlic chopped
1 med onion chopped
3 tbs butter
1 lb chicken livers clean/chopped/trimmed of fat
8 oz cream cheese
ton of hot sauce
pinch of salt

Heat butter in pan - add garlic and onion and brown. Don't let them burn. Add livers and turn to low and cover. Stir occasionally and cook about 10 minutes - longer is ok you just want flavors to blend. Cool a bit. Put mix into a blender with the rest of the ingredients. Blend like mad. Scrape into a bowl and cover with plastic touching the top and chill for 2 hours. Serve with whatever crispy thing you want to dip into it. I'm wheat intolerant so veggies and corn chips it is. But crispy french bread is yummy too.



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