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Friday, February 19, 2010

Going to all "that" trouble

Okay let me say that life is not a dress rehearsal. Um duh? You seriously have to be a special kind of dumb ass to miss that particular nugget - but really this is just a one time affair. Make it or break it - and all the dumb cliques that go with that thought. BUT if you have ever loved someone enough to a) knit them that sweater b) cook that dinner that takes OMG a ton of ingredients and effort or c) something equally amazing it's what I call GOING TO ALL THAT TROUBLE.

BUT what sucks is rarely do two people find each other who are willing to do such for the other. In a previous relationship he couldn't be bothered to give me a wet blanket if I was on fire - okay a bit of an exaggeration - but it seemed that way at the time.

Now I know what it's like to be married to someone who would do anything - I mean anything for me. It's so very odd to be on the other side of that affection. It's very humbling. And thought provoking. It makes me want to revisit some of the things that I just "do" on a daily basis. Not just slow down. But put more thought into - more something - basically - go to all that trouble now and then.


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