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Sunday, January 31, 2010

F' the French

Okay so those of you who strangely love me and follow my life (gah why?) know that I hate the french for so many reasons but mostly because they cook better than anyone and don't give a fuck what we think. HUH? I am "merican" you better care - well - no not really. So now after a long and sadly one sided affair with Anthony Bourdain I am left with this need to cook - um French things. AND another book to add insult to injury - Bob Spitz - the Saucier's Apprentice. I've been undone. I need to learn to cook French - speak French and most importantly - I want to go to Brittany. NOT France they can still kiss my ass. And it's really tight now - email me and I'll give you my exercise routine - it well, kicks ass. ANYWAY, God Damn them (not that they care) I need some of this and I don't know who or what do do about it. I am this close to the Rosetta Stone - French as I have ever been - someone talk me down - or maybe I'll just take up smoking and wearing berets. Though strangely something tells me this just won't cut it. My daughter Trinity turns 10 (I am actually having a hard time with this one) and we are having a juice and cheese tasting party. I want to introduce caviar as well. Why? Dunno, just need to make this a big deal. My mom was great, but I want to be the "get it" mom - though I am the biggest hard nose bitch you will ever see. I love my kids but never expect to be their friend until they are at least 25 and/or married or something. I don't need my kids to be my friend unlike my husband. I really don't need these folks to like me - in fact that makes me suspect. BUT why do I need to do this lavish affair. Um midlife crisis. Perhaps. I feel something big coming and am trying to ignore it. Dunno - wait for the next installment. It's coming. Soon.


  • At 8:54 AM , Blogger WagTheDog said...

    Je parle Francais, mais je ne parle pas Francais tres bien. That's about all I remember from HS French class. :) Do you have to speak French in order to cook French food? Mais, non! One more thing, cool parents are the most horrifying thing on the planet. I'd have been APPALLED if my parents had been cool. So embarassing!

    Oh reservoir,

    PS--I'm in on the trip to Brittany!


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