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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shamrock socks

Good gravy batman it's freaking pouring here in Wisconsin! But honestly I'll take 40 degree weather in January anyday! Finished my crazy easy afterthought heel socks with KnitPicks Shamrock yarn in the now defunked color Kelley. They turned out cute and very simple but that was exactly what I wanted - cute and simple.

Super easy peasy lemon squeezy socks!

2 skeins Shamrock
a yard of waste yarn
tapestry needle
4 double points sz 8
For me it was cast on 36 stitches on 3 join in the round and being careful not to twist!

k2p2 around for 22 rows.
st st for 6 rounds

join waste yarn and knit 18 st onto one needle
go back and reknit the 18 with the shamrock
so now you have 18 stitches on needle one and then 9 st each of the other two.
knit around for 6.5 inches
begin toe decrease
needle one ssk knit to last two stitches k2 tog
needle two ssk knit to end
needle three knit to the last two stitches k2 tog

knit one round even
repeat decrease round

repeat these two until 20 st. remain

divide onto two needles and close with kitchener stitch.

Afterthought heel
remove the waste yarn put it each side on three needles same as the toe. Decrease rounds just the same as the toe.

when 22 stitches remain close with kitchener stitch

weave in ends and wear with pride!


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