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Friday, January 15, 2010

Illinois - WTF

Okay seriously? I need to rant a bit on this damn state! Taxes here are mental - I don't mean ugh we have to PAY taxes - I mean 10.2 freakin percent!!!!!!!! Enough that when you buy something you're like "did I get over charged - oh wait it's the TAX!"

That being said - I decided to walk to the library yesterday - since I'm kind of a mental - over the top exerciser I like to walk instead of drive whenever I can. So I walk the mile to the library only to find in this state of mental things NO ONE SHOVELS THEIR SIDEWALKS! Seriously? Seriously. Excuse me? In WI within 48 hours of a major storm we had better have it all gone or the snow police are knocking! Not here - businesses homes whatever don't care! I just don't get this place! Whew! Feel better now! Now it's on to Virginia - Let's hope they shovel! k


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