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Friday, January 08, 2010

Jane Brocket you are my new hero!

Okay so those of you who know me - have a slight clue as to who, what where and what mineral I am so the inclusion of books of assorted colors and flavors is only a very good thing as far as I am concerned. Jane Brocket's "The gentle art of domesticity" is so very very lovely as far as I can discern. I love that there is in fact a difference between being domesticated (hello yucky cats) and domesticity. I love domesticity but dust can kiss my lily (at this time of the year) white ass! I clean toilets because it means the difference between hygiene and other - not because I like it. One is a choice the other a rule.

I choose what Gandhi would. I do things for the right reason because I want to be of a higher standard. Not because I fear being caught for doing the wrong thing. I try to live by that rule and so far it works even as a Penticostal Jew lovin Yahweh servin girl from Wisconsin who loves red wine (yea the good Pinot Noir) and raw oysters. I'm looking to expand expound and enjoy frankly. Life rocks and I hope to enjoy for quite a while! k


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