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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What is it?

Okay what is it about winter/Christmas that makes be both want to knit and blog. Though I've discovered knitting and blogging at the same time is a bit like knitting and driving. Doesn't work well for either pursuit. I am husbandless at the moment due to the man being in an entire other time zone pursuing the American Dream for us and all. As annoying as that is I am trying to hold down the proverbial fort/redecorate/get ready for sale/brace for winter storms and knit everything for Christmas simutaneously. See Katie play the good wife! Trying anyway. Knitting a Harry Potter sweater for my nephew Hayden (same letter folks). Will actually post pictures when it's done. Maybe even posting the pattern since I'm winging it. Nothing ever suits me since I'm kind of a kamikazi(sp) knitter. Take no prisoners I say!!


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