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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Everything Zen

Why is it when I get sick (yes Virginia I do occasionally get sick) that the universe seems to shift? I have the funky throat thing going on and I sound like the phone sex lady - (oh that may be a money maker - Right!) And I am a bit tired but I feel so - well zen. At peace - weird. My mind is churning (when does it ever stop?) but in a good way. Creativity is flowing - It's a shame I don't play music anymore because I might actually be able to write that great american pop song right now. Nope just listen these days. And let me tell you there's some good stuff going on the music world. NO not the crap on KTI - but dig a little deeper - and you'll find it - they're out there. AND they care. It's pretty cool. Kind of like seeing killswitch at level 8 in Madison. Anyway being slightly off kilter seems to work for me - stepping out of the comfort zone and all. Meeting new - interesting people I love it! I met a few who don't drink don't smoke (oh do I hear adam ant?) and that is awesome. I know the bars would hate it - but stupid drunk people (and you know who you are - would be lying if it was not me on a rare occasion) are not my favorite folks. I love people for the most part - but add some alcohol and the idiots are on parade! I don't really hang with anyone who does major drugs so can't really say but I can postulate it's not good.

Well today is a day of reflection - reflection healing and swimming since it's like 90 degrees. And why - when I can't talk do my children decide to be too far away for them to hear me scream and the the top of my "no-voice" arggggg!? Anywho, say a prayer for my job hunt. Really don't want to work outside the house, and maybe God will be benevolent and give me a few more decorators so I can just sew 24/7. Although for some reason the Sullivan, Jefferson hwy 18 area has been coming up over and over lately - is there something I should know? Maybe. We'll see.

For now ta and I promise to actually finish knitting something to show you - got a funky scarf on the needles right now and since I never follow directions it will be totally my creation. A little weird but useful - just like me!


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