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Sunday, December 31, 2006

I see dead people

or notSo the man and I were kid-less for a weekend and after having blown a ton of money on Christmas we decided free activities were the best choice. I got a book from the library (gotta love free books) called Weird Wisconsin (kind of redundant don't cha think?) and decided to check out as many things in it as we could. He just bought a new truck so we had to try that out too - It's so awesome - I love big trucks! (big new trucks are even better) so we went cemetery hopping. I think all told we hit like 5 or 6. There was one big beautiful sprawling cemetery in Oconomowoc (LaBelle Cemetery) that is supposed to be haunted by this statue of a girl. Stories abound about seeing cry blood etc. Nope. Just a really pretty statue. I'll post some pictures when I drag my butt out to the truck to retrieve the camera and download them. Oooh maybe something creepy is on one! Or maybe I just got some cool pictures of old graves. Have a safe and happy new year! God Bless!


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