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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

rain rain go away

so instead of sleeping - like I should have been at 2 this morning I was wide freakin awake! Which doesn't make any sense since it was the most fabulous rain storm I have heard in a long time and those of you know I LLLUUUUUVVVVV me the rain. So I wasn't having sex and I wasn't sleeping - wtf? Don't get it either. I was just thinking - right because that's what I need right now huh?

Oh and since yesterday was so weird - applied for a job online and then went to look for it since I was in the area (had to go to the Fabric Gallery) so I popped in on Chris who works in a building made all from marble direct from Rome (not WI) wow! Anyway - the address for this place I was applying did not make sense and couldn't find it. So either God doesn't want me to get the job or something else is at work - whatever I'm not scared :D I waved at Palmyra as I drove through and thought good thoughts.

Okay - so I finally have to admit my foot is messed up and May - yes may have to have someone look at it. That is probably what woke me up. It hurts pretty bad and I'm having a tough time walking without wincing. not a good sign. Maybe not jumping on it for a while is a good idea. Maybe - but not going to happen. :D Ta for now and I am off to find the perfect camping knitting project. Something that can be worked without too much thought but can also withstand the possibility of dirt and such coming into contact with it. Oh the possibilities - socks perhaps? Socks it is. Now I just need to check the stash. Will post pix when I get them going.


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