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Saturday, August 11, 2007

ready to jump

wow sorry all - been a bit lazy. Okay was going to say busy but I seem to find time to do just about eyerything else so I guess lazy it is. Saw an awesome show last night - really want to see them more. The Guppy Effect - yup wondered about it too. It makes me think of the secret goldfish from college but not quite. They seem to smarter than your average bears - okay I know smart and bands are typically diametrically opposed concepts But these guys seem to have the brains creativity and the "cojones" to pull it all together. From Fall out Boy to Hendrix it rocked! Can't wait to see them again.

On the marriage front - I know it's been a long time since I said anything - but it's pretty much done for. the man is moving out as soon as I get a job and on Monday I apply in Sullivan. Not looking to move anytime soon - but will when I can. Elkhorn is fine - neighbor hood is fine - schools are great but just don't want to live here anymore. I know "patience grasshopper" but ready to jump!


  • At 3:40 AM , Blogger Cactus Joe said...

    nice blog. yes, the guppy effect has both brains and brawn. a rare find in this saturated music industry of SE Wisconsin. hopefully that makes them better than the average bear. they have original songs too, not just covers. the key is good rocking. but if the music is good too all the better.


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