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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quick n cute

kitchy cookiesOkay, so I so did not invent these babies but they're cute and you don't have to frost them. Just use your favorite sugar cookie dough (see for a good one) roll between wax paper - cut out a heart shape - stick two pretzels for antlers add three choco chips and bake! Rock on! If you happen to have cinnamon dots you can do rudolf's nose instead of the other 8 reindeer. I was freakin Martha today - sewing and knittin'- bakin' and craftin' whew I need a grey goose cosmo - who's with me? Anywho, better get going still got wrapping and such stuff to finish. As you can see I need a hair style and some sun - but hey - It's been a day and a half so cut me some slack 'kay?


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