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Monday, December 14, 2009

52 Pick up!

So I am too far away from my man this season and it's frankly quite weird - though really nothing about this relationship is "normal" so HEY this is normal I guess. So makin him crap to both give my hands stuff to do and let him know I think he's pretty swell.

I totally stole this from Craftster.Org. IDK who exactly since like 12 people put it on there and all gave credit to someone else so whatever - credit given!

Super simple if you have a hole puncher (though it takes freaking forever) Make sure they line up so use one card as the template and make all others follow suit (hahaha BAH!). Print out YOUR reasons why and cut with crafty or normal scissors. Glue - I just used regular elmers BUT I can say DO NOT use a lot. It will take forever to dry and it's frankly not necessary. Truly, less than you think will work is the best - just spread it around a lot under your paper.

Line up book style insert pretty ribbon and Voila! Now I just gotta get my sorry ass to the PO and get it to him!


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