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Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's all in the books

okaySo apparently what I do is love the reading of the knitting books rather than the actual knitting. Since I have like a million books and have "plans" to knit at least 5 projects per book - it's all in the books. I start things and then when they aren't exactly what I want I tire of them and either leave the ufo's or start over. Story of my life? Perhaps. Knitting is life after all. They have been doing it forever - Christ's seamless garment was perhaps knit in the round - oh well = linen anyone? well anyway death is all around us right now and since these things seem to come in three's waiten for the next one - I hope it's someone old and not too close. Well any way - it's just a few short days to Friday the 13th and 37! And while I don't expect you all to do ANYTHING it's still a big day to your's truly and since I'm the kind of chick to like wear a sign and kiss everyone in sight (men and women - I don't discriminate) because damn it it's my birthday - for that one day I should get to freakin sky write what I feel !!!!! Anyway - have an awesome day ya'll I gotta work tomorrow and then work again and again and again etc - but that's okay - work is okay it pays what I need to pay! Katie


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