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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Not supposed to . . . "regret - is a needle in my neck - it's slowing filling me with poison" There are so many things now that are more clear. Crisp blatant. God, how stupid blind was I? Life is certainly going to be interesting now isn't it.

Fallout Boy is my new band that I can't listen to. Love their edgy poetic twist. Not as good as alkaline trio but faster moving. "dance dance - we're falling apart to half time" But just can't listen anymore . . . maybe some time later. Maybe, but not now. Gotta focus on other things. Well, gotta jump now. The leg is fixed - thank you Jesus. No explanation really - it hurt like hell one minute the next it was fine. And I mean absolutely FINE - like "go ahead and pound on me for like an hour" fine. Tell me healing doesn't take place today and I can honestly call you a liar. Now, other things need healing - should I hope, believe? Remember - lie is at the center of believe. Choose your voice wisely - cuz they all have something to say - it's just some want you dead and it could actually be yours so choose wisely my friend who to listen to.


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