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Friday, April 02, 2010

So many things to sew - sew little finished

Yup. Got it again. Some people catch colds - I catch crafter's ADHD. It really sucks and I am pretty sure like the cold there's no cure. It needs to run it course and I can only soldier on.

There's purse ideas, cushions for the back yard, oh and speaking of the back yard - pots for flowers to buy - no wait something more creative - we need to dig up clay from our yard and then spin the pots and then fire them somehow - I don't have a kiln, hmmm dig a hole and do some version of a raku fire. . . . . . it's really really annoying and mental and happens pretty often when the weather changes. It's gorgeous here and I just wanna burst and frankly mentally I think I have.

Maybe I can write it all down so I don't forget some of the really cool ideas swirling - oh yeah I could make my own paper with flower petals and leaves and newspaper scraps . . . . .


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