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Sunday, April 04, 2010

goodness gracious great falls of

coolness! I really have to say of all of the coolness that is the state of VA - great falls national park rocks. I have to have a moment of humbleness - I really wanted to turn around when the line of cars to get into the place was 1500 feet deep (no lie!) that is 163 cars (I counted when we came out). It is the coolest place and only the picnic area was creepy crowded. And by creepy crowded I mean "freakin set up camp and stay the day! - wow is that a kitchen sink? really chorizo cookin on that grill hombre? yummy!" So apart from that we had - frogs and turtles and lizards and white water falls and rapids and cool rocks and trees and lions and tigers and bears. Oh my. I love this state. really I do. Virginia is Wisconsin. only prettier. If you can believe that. No shit. Really. I love it. Fat people and all.


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