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Monday, June 12, 2006

today is a new day!

todayOkay so today I for some reason have decided to do things differently. I have been reading this knitting book by the yarn harlot which literaly has me busting out laughing every 10 seconds. I want to be her. I want to write and make people laugh. I am going to do this some how. It's all just details now but it's going to happen. I love being a bit prophetic - when it works for me. I just need lottery numbers now and it's all good. So, what am I going to do differently? I am going to be myself all of the time and say what I think unless it's destructive (because nice as I am I do think murder sometimes) and make more people laugh. And knit more - waaaaaaaaaaay more. I love it even more than sewing and commit here and now to do it everyday. And to work no more than 3 projects at one time AND to finish said projects or frog them if they are not going to be given or worn. AH yes today is a new day.


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